Turkish Coffee Tradition

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Turkish coffee is derived from the Arabica bean, its very fine, powder-like grind. You can ocassionally add an aromatic spice called cardomom while its is ground. Turkish coffee has six levels of sweetness ranging from sweet to black.

It combines special preperation and brewing techniques. The freshly roasted beans are ground to a fine powder; then the ground coffee, cold water and sugar (option) are added to the cezve (pot) and brewed slowly on a stove. As the coffee begins to heat, it begins to form a foam. One important rule and tradition of Turkish coffee making is if the desired foam is absent when the coffee is served, the host is looked down on. So make sure you get it spot on. Spoons are not needed as sugar is not added after it is served.

The coffee is served in small cups (espresso cups), accompanied by a glass of water and possibly a choice of Turkish confectionary (e.g. Turkish delight). It is mainly drunk in coffee houses where people meet to converse, share news and read books. The tradition of the beverage itself is a symbol of hospitality, friendship, refinement and entertainment thats open to all walks of life.

The beverage plays an important role on social occasions such as engagement ceremonies and holidays; its knowledge and rituals are transmitted informally by family members through observation and participation. Prospective brides, as a test of their housekeeping skills, are still expected to make and serve coffee to the grooms’ parents – and have been known to avoid unwanted marriages by using salt instead of sugar or spilling the coffee all over the guests! The excess grounds left at the bottom the cup are often used to tell a person’s fortune. Turkish coffee is regarded as part of Turkish cultural heritage: it is celebrated in literature and songs, and is an indispensable part of ceremonial occasions.


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A food business focusing on traditional Turkish food based in South East London. Running local pop-ups and events - Chef @Meze_Mangal @Grub_Club


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