Benefits Of Eating Liver

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Liver has a high protein content, so this is beneficial as the body needs protein to make and repair cells; the food is turned into energy to create specific enzymes, hormones and antibodies. Our bodies are capable of making 12 out of the 21 amino acids that allows us to function and other 9 can be found from different food sources. Beef liver happens to have large amounts of the 4 essential amino acids and smaller amounts of the other 5. So this is just a win-win situation.  Its looking all good for all the gym users.


Liver has by far the best source of vitamin B12, with recommendation of eating it once a week. Vitamin B12 has many benefits including decreasing fatigue; reducing depression and stress; maintaining a healthy digestive system; keeping skin, hair, and nails healthy; protect against cancers. Additional foods with B12 include sardines, mackerel, herring, salmon, lamb, Swiss cheese, eggs, haddock, beef, blue cheese, halibut, scallops, cottage cheese. chicken and milk.


Liver has a good source of zinc, which aids in metabolism, immune function, wound healing and cell division. Also, vital for childhood and adolescent growth; and the development and maintaining your senses of taste and smell. We cant forget iron which as important as zinc. Iron transports oxygen from your lungs to the rest of the body and also aids in cell growth. Finally, Selenium which helps your body fight cellular damage and protects against cancers and heart disease.


Like with everything we love, there’s always a disadvantage. Liver is high in cholesterol. Cholesterol is vital to the creation of cells and certain hormones, however you body naturally produces all it needs. So excessive amounts can increase your risks for heart disease and stroke. So eat very moderately, I recommend once a week.


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A food business focusing on traditional Turkish food based in South East London. Running local pop-ups and events - Chef @Meze_Mangal @Grub_Club

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